NO 232 – JUNE 2012
Sustainable stock exchanges

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WFE Focus June 2012

ISE to promote innovative hedge fund position replication index

The International Securities Exchange and AlphaClone, a leader in hedge fund position replication, signed a partnership to promote AlphaClone’s innovative hedge fund position replication index, the AlphaClone Hedge Fund Long/Short Index. This agreement combines the global experience of ISE with AlphaClone’s distinct disclosure-based hedge fund replication approach, called cloning.

NYSE Euronext launches NYSE Century Club and NYSE Century index

NYSE Euronext introduced the NYSE Century Club and the NYSE Century Index. The NYSE Century Club recognizes companies that have realized success and contributed to economic and social progress for more than 100 years. The NYSE Century Index is designed to measure the performance of US domiciled companies with a 100 year history that have been publicly traded for at least 10 years and have a market capitalization of at least USD 1 billion.

Shanghai Stock Exchange launches SSE 180 sector indices

On 29 June 2012, the Shanghai Stock Exchange, in cooperation with the China Securities Index Co, added the SSE 180 Sector Indices to the SSE index family. They will provide new analysis tools and underlying instruments for investors.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange publishes CCTV Financial 50 index

On 6 June 2012, the Shenzhen Securities Information and the Financial Channel of China Central Television announced that the CCTV Financial 50 Index was published by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. It includes 50 A-share listed companies based on the five dimensions of innovation, growth, return, governance and social responsibility. The most updated sample stocks are composed by 26 companies listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and 24 on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

SIX Swiss Exchange launches SMI Risk Control indices

On 4 June 2012, SIX Swiss Exchange launched SMI Risk Control indices which replicate a hypothetical portfolio that diversifies the risk contained within the SMI. This portfolio consists of an investment in the SMI and a money market allocation. The new indices allow to control the risk by shifts in the relative weightings of the risk-free money market rate and the higher-risk investment in the SMI index.

Warsaw Stock Exchange launches new regional index WIG-CEE

On 30 May 2012, the Warsaw Stock Exchange started to calculate and publish the Central and Eastern European regional stock index WIG-CEE. Following the WIG-Poland and WIG-Ukraine indices, WIG-CEE is the third WSE index mainly based on the criterion of the companies’ country of origin.

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