NO 231 – MAY 2012
Shaping the future of Europe's financial markets

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WFE Focus January 2012
Post trade

CME Group offers first cleared FX non-deliverable forward
CME Group has cleared its first customer FX OTC non deliverable forward (NDF) trade, further expanding the company’s market OTC solution across multiple asset classes.

DTCC starts to publish data on interest rate derivatives
The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation has begun publishing public information on OTC interest rates trades. It includes aggregated, anonymous position data for all interest rate products, with breakdowns by currency, maturity, sub-product and whether the product is cleared or uncleared. The interest rate data join public data on OTC credit derivatives on DTCC’s web site.

Eurex Clearing clears German Government Bond
On 2 May 2012, Eurex Clearing has started to act as the central counterparty for the settlement of trades in more than 60 German government bonds on Xetra. This means that counterparty risk will be reduced for all trading participants and efficiency further improved.

Eurex Clearing sign connectivity agreement to facilitate access to its CCP service for securities lending
Eurex Clearing and Pirum Systems have entered into a Connectivity Agreement to facilitate access to Eurex Clearing’s upcoming CCP service for securities lending. Pirum Systems is an acknowledged market leader in automating post-trade processes for the securities finance industry. The direct connectivity between Eurex Clearing and Pirum’s automation platform will allow market participants to make use of their existing Pirum interfaces to feed bilaterally agreed transactions to Eurex Clearing for CCP processing.

Singapore Exchange enhances OTC clearing of commodities
SGX AsiaClear has enhanced access to its clearing process with the linking of OTC broking systems to its OTC Trade Registration System. The OTC broking community will benefit from the link which allows trades matched in an inter-dealer broker’s OTC broking system to flow straight through to SGX’s Trade Registration System. Customers will gain from an improvement in operational efficiency and a reduction in errors.

SIX Securities Services signs MoU with Takasbank
The clearing and settlement arms of SIX Securities Services, SIX x-clear and SIX SIS both signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Takasbank and MKK, Turkey’s domestic providers for post trade services, to provide international clearing, settlement and custody services for Turkey. Through the agreement, SIX Securities Services will play the roles of international central counterparty for the Turkish market and global custodian for Takasbank. In return, Takasbank will become a full-service provider for the Turkish market via a direct CSD link with SIX SIS. The agreement also covers the exploration of joint business opportunities, especially in the area of Islamic finance products and access to the respective markets.

Stock Exchange of Thailand enhances securities depository services
On 1 May 2012, the Stock Exchange of Thailand launched the Thai Depository Portal for securities depository services of bonds and funds listed on SET. The system, as a communication channel for registrars through Thailand Securities Depository, helps increase security of information transmission, while reducing risks, and procedures.

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