NO 231 – MAY 2012
Shaping the future of Europe's financial markets

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WFE Focus January 2012
Exchange consolidation news

Deutsche Börse completes Eurex takeover
Deutsche Börse Group completed its full acquisition of Eurex Zürich AG. Deutsche Börse is to pay EUR 295 m and transfer approx. 5.3 m Deutsche Börse shares to SIX Group. This gives SIX Group a stake of around 2.7% in Deutsche Börse. In return, Deutsche Börse has acquired the SIX Group’s share in the Eurex Group, the derivatives market provider that was previously under joint operation. Retroactive as of 1 January 2012, Deutsche Börse Group will receive all Eurex Group profits as sole shareholder of Eurex Zürich.

LCH.Clearnet to acquire clearing group in the US
LCH.Clearnet Group has signed non-binding heads of agreement with International Derivatives Clearing Group (IDCG) and the NASDAQ OMX Group regarding the acquisition of IDCG. The transaction would represent the latest move by LCH.Clearnet Group to further enhance the range and flexibility of its clearing solutions and would facilitate its recently announced US cross-margining initiative. The acquisition of IDCG remains subject to negotiations and certain conditions including entering into a definitive agreement and there can be no certainty that the transaction will proceed. It is envisaged that if the transaction proceeds LCH.Clearnet Group would become the sole owner of IDCG and NASDAQ OMX would become a shareholder of LCH.Clearnet Group.

NASDAQ OMX acquires NOS Clearing
NASDAQ OMX Group acquired the Norwegian based NOS Clearing, a clearing house primarily for tanker and dry cargo freight, seafood derivatives and electricity certificates. The transaction will allow NASDAQ OMX to move forward with the global strategy of NASDAQ OMX Commodities.

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