NO 229 – MARCH 2012
Investing in long term growth of SMEs

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WFE Focus January 2012
Exchange consolidation news

CME Group to increase its share in Dubai Mercantile Exchange
CME Group’s NYMEX division will increase its stake in Dubai Mercantile Exchange from 25% to 50% to enable it to continue growing its business.

London Stock Exchange Group to acquire majority stake in LCH.Clearnet Group
The London Stock Exchange Group and LCH.Clearnet have reached an agreement on the terms of a recommended cash offer to be made by the London Stock Exchange for LCH.Clearnet’s issued share capital. On completion, LSEG will become the majority owner of LCH.Clearnet, holding up to 60% of LCH.Clearnet’s share capital. Through this transaction, LCH.Clearnet and LSEG will partner as a global leader in multi-asset, multi-venue clearing and risk management services, providing customers with an enhanced product and service offering.

Warsaw Stock Exchange acquires POLPX shares
The Warsaw Stock Exchange has acquired shares of the Polish Power Exchange (POLPX) under a sale agreement concluded with the shareholders of POLPX on 8 November 2011. The WSE holds shares which represent 82.66% of the share capital of POLPX. In addition, the WSE has signed agreements to acquire another 7.68% of POLPX shares.

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