NO 229 – MARCH 2012
Investing in long term growth of SMEs

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WFE Focus January 2012

ICE Futures Europe granted the Recognized Auction Platform status by UK regulator
IntercontinentalExchange’s subsidiary ICE Futures Europe has been authorized by the Financial Services Authority, the UK’s financial regulator, to operate as a Recognized Auction Platform. This status allows ICE Futures Europe to auction emission allowances as part of phase III of the EU Emissions Trading System, which commences in 2013.

Shanghai Stock Exchange curbs speculation through new procedures and limits trading of accounts for new share
The Shanghai Stock Exchange will strengthen market supervision by imposing trading limits on the accounts with abnormal trading behaviors such as making orders in a large sum or at high prices, or conducting frequent false orders and withdrawals. For the accounts frequently involved in these abnormal behaviors and refusing to correct their rule-breaking activities within a certain period, the Exchange will identify them as unqualified investors, impose trading restrictions for several days and file with the China Securities Regulatory Commission for punishment, with an aim to more accurately and effectively crack down on these rule-breaking behaviors. In addition, to prevent the risks of speculation on new shares in the market, the Shanghai Stock Exchange strengthened the regulation and supervision on the trading of newly listed shares.

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