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WFE Focus December 2011
Query tool for WFE statistics is launched

The WFE Secretariat is happy to present an important enhancement that makes its statistics more accessible to users. In the past, users of the WFE database only had access to pre-formatted excel/pdf reports. In the case of users looking for longer monthly time series, they had to download multiple reports to be able to reconstruct a time series.

These reports offer a synthetic view of WFE members’ activity and are still accessible on the WFE website. In addition to those, a query tool is also available. This new tool allows users to perform customized queries according to multiple criteria.

The query tool is accessible from the statistics section of the WFE website:

Users are available to select a start and end date, the currency, the region/exchanges, the type of instrument, and the indicator(s) on which to run the query.

An example of a query:

The query tool returns a flat csv file that allows users to work on the data retrieved.

The tool allows performing queries on monthly data since 2003. The WFE Secretariat is working on integrating longer time series into its database to allow more in depth search.

Here are a few examples of the possibilities allowed by this new tool:


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