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WFE Focus April 2011
New services

BME launches “Inresearch”

BME and the Spanish Institute of Financial Analysts have created “InResearch”, an independent financial analysis service for companies listed on the markets managed by BME. Those companies wishing to receive greater research coverage may apply for the service, through which the company’s shares will be covered by the most appropriate analyst of all that make up InResearch. They may request this service which offers advantages such as the independence, quality and dissemination of the reports.

BM&FBOVESPA launches app for Google Chrome web browser

BM&FBOVESPA announced that users of the Google Chrome web browser can download a free app that allows real time monitoring of the share prices of companies traded on BM&FBOVESPA and of the directions taken by the main capital market indexes. This tool allows users to customize their share portfolio.

ISE Price Improvement Mechanism accepts tied-to-stock orders

The International Securities Exchange announced that multi-legged orders that include a stock component can now be entered into its Price Improvement Mechanism. ISE accepts multi-legged strategy orders of up to eight options legs plus a stock leg. These latest enhancements underscore the new Optimise system’s capability to support a faster time-to-market for upgrades than ISE’s previous trading platform.

NYSE Liffe publishes weekly commitments of traders reports

On 3 October 2011, NYSE Liffe began publishing weekly Commitments of Traders (COT) reports for the commodities futures contracts listed on its London market. The reports will show a breakdown of open interest across certain pre-defined business categories. Clearing members and non-clearing members will be required to submit all client positions in excess of 100 lots, for all delivery months of commodity contracts listed on NYSE Liffe’s London market for cocoa, robusta coffee, white sugar and feed wheat. NYSE Liffe will publish the COT reports every Monday at 12:00 (London time) in relation to positions held and reported to the Exchange at the close of business of the previous Tuesday. The introduction of these reports will enhance market transparency for the commodities futures contracts listed on the London market.

Santiago Stock Exchange upgrades its fixed-income system

The Santiago Stock Exchange developed upgrades in its systems allowing the listing and trading of fixed-income instruments payable in USD. This development allows the issuer to pay in US dollars all the events associated to a fixed-income instrument, avoiding the currency risk.

Singapore Exchange enhances market transparency and offers new order types

The Singapore Exchange is improving its securities market opening and closing routines to enhance transparency and trading safeguards. The initiatives include the publication of real-time indicative equilibrium prices during the opening and closing routines random ending to the pre-open and pre-close phases of the opening and closing routines. Following the start of the Reach trading engine, SGX will offer new order types, allowing investors more flexibility in the execution of their orders. These orders types are “Market on Open and Market on Close (both market orders and market-to-limit orders)” and “Session State Orders”. In addition, SGX has enhanced the categorization and templates of SGXNet announcements to foster greater transparency in the marketplace. These changes will enable issuers to provide more information and enable investors to efficiently access the relevant information pertinent to their investment decisions.

Stock Exchange of Thailand promotes ETF trading via internet, a subsidiary of the Stock Exchange of Thailand, is holding a campaign called “Win 30-Baht gold through ETF” to promote internet ETFs trading from 1 October to 31 December 2011.

Thailand Futures Exchange extends pre opening of night session trading

The Thailand Futures Exchange extended pre-open period of night session trading of gold and silver futures from 19:15/19:30 to 19:15/20:10, due to more operation time needed for its working system.

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