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WFE Focus April 2011
New products

CBOE Holdings’ launches SPX on C2

On 4 October 2011, CBOE Holdings began trading SPX, its new S&P 500 Index options product. SPX options will be traded on the Company’s all-electronic C2 Options Exchange (C2).

ISE launches ETN based on ISE Cloud Computing index

The International Securities Exchange announced that UBS has launched the ETRACS Monthly 2xLeveraged ISE Cloud Computing Total Return Index ETN, based on the ISE Cloud Computing index, a benchmark that tracks companies actively involved in the cloud computing industry (see above). Index components include companies that are infrastructure providers for the “cloud,” firms that provide goods and services in support of the cloud computing space.

Luxembourg Stock Exchange lists first French Dim Sum bonds

On 19 September 2011, the Luxembourg Stock Exchange listed the first French Dim Sum bond issues. Dim Sum bonds are denominated in offshore Chinese renminbi and are usually issued in Hong Kong. The French issues were two bonds from Air Liquide Finance, a subsidiary of the French gas provider, Air Liquide. The two issues were admitted to trading on the regulated market of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

MICEX’s derivatives market launches futures on MICEX index

Starting from 30 September 2011, FORTS, MICEX’s derivatives market, started trading in a cash-settled futures contract on the MICEX index and an option on the futures contract on the MICEX index.

Multi Commodity Exchange of India launches cotton futures trading

On 3 October 2011, the Multi Commodity Exchange of India commenced futures trading in cotton. Currently, cotton October 2011, December 2011 and January 2012 contracts have been offered for trading.

NASDAQ OMX lists new China ETF

NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, part of the NASDAQ OMX Group, started trading in a new ETF, XACT China. It is based on the Hang Seng China Enterprises Index (HSCEI), which tracks the performance of the 40 largest Chinese companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

NYSE Euronext Lisbon lists Factor Certificates on VIX futures

NYSE Euronext Lisbon has listed 4 new Factor Certificates with the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) futures as underlying. Factor Certificates offer on-exchange leverage participation to the daily performance of a specific underlying with no maturity and a pre-defined fixed leverage. Several fixed leverage levels are available allowing investors to select the leverage level corresponding to their individual risk profile.

Osaka Securities Exchange introduces Nikkei Stock Average volatility index futures

On 28 September 2011, the Osaka Securities Exchange introduced futures contracts on the Nikkei Stock Average volatility index to provide market participants with diversified investment and hedging tools.

Stock Exchange of Thailand lists gold-based ETF

On 11 October 2011, the Stock Exchange of Thailand listed ThaiDex Gold ETF on its main board. The new product is an open-end ETF and has a policy to invest in gold bars of 99.99% purity.

Thailand Futures Exchange launches oil futures

On 17 October 2011, the Thailand Futures Exchange launched oil futures. The new product is expected to help entrepreneurs to manage energy related cost and will serve as alternative investment for investors and diversify risks for their portfolio. TFEX oil futures will be based on Brent crude oil prices.

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