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WFE Focus April 2011
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MIT Briefing for WFE Exchanges

The World Federation of Exchanges is pleased to continue its biannual series of on-campus briefings for senior exchange managers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, starting on 21-23 November.

The program will be developed in the weeks ahead. Possible topics for this year are:

IT security for Exchanges: the new hacking threat

Artificial intelligence application in finance

  • Media lab innovations for the exchange environment
  • HFT: what is the limit?
  • The impact of HFT on: Surveillance,  Risk management,  Capacity
  • Regulation and technology: the challenges of collocation, DMA, HFT
  • Exchanges data centers
  • Turning exchanges into IT providers – what new services can exchanges offer?
  • Next trends in hardware and software for exchanges

IT strategies for smaller exchanges

The 2009 workshop attracted more than 40 exchange delegates who worked with a further 30 speakers and invited guests.

Attendance is free for WFE members, associates, affiliates and correspondents, and open by invitation to selected guests.

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