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WFE Focus April 2011
New products

CME Group to launch new Yuan FX futures contracts

CME Group will launch new foreign exchange futures contracts based on the Chinese Yuan. In order to meet growing global customer demand for products denominated in the Chinese currency, these innovative new futures contracts will be quoted in interbank (European) terms, reflecting the number of CNY per US dollar. They will be listed on 22 August 2011 for September 2011 settlement.

Eurex expands Italian government bonds derivatives offering

On 19 September 2011, Eurex will launch a new interest rate contract, the Mid-Term Euro BTP Future, based on notional medium term bonds issued by the Republic of Italy. The new contract will complement Eurex’s interest rate derivatives offering for all A and AA-rated European government bonds as well as for other interest rate instruments.

London Stock Exchange launches ETF on FTSE Emerging EMEA 40 index

The London Stock Exchange listed a new ETF tracking the FTSE Emerging EMEA 40 index. It offers exposure to the 40 largest and most liquid stocks in the emerging countries of the European, Middle East and African regions.

MICEX launches new instruments on derivatives market

On 5 July 2011, MICEX launched two new products on its derivatives market: futures on 1-month average RUONIA interest rate and futures on 3-month OIS fixing on the basis of RUONIA interest rate. Both contracts are designed on the basis of RUONIA interest rate, calculated by the National Foreign Exchange Association.

NYSE Euronext launches GEMS suite of ETFs on NYSE Arca

NYSE Euronext launched a comprehensive suite of investment solutions for sector investing in emerging markets on NYSE Arca, NYSE Euronext’s electronic US market. The funds, branded as GEMS (Global Emerging Market Sectors), allow investors to pursue emerging markets sector exposures in a manner similar to what is possible in the US and other developed markets. The funds are all based on the Dow Jones Emerging Market Sector Titans indexes and are composed of leading emerging market companies in each of the 10 industries defined by the Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB).

RTS Stock Exchange and Saint Petersburg Exchange extend range of future products

Within the framework of the joint project between RTS Group and the Saint Petersburg Exchange, trading in new commodity futures contracts on corn, soybeans, gasoil, and cotton will be launched.

Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange launches new products on indices

On 3 July 2011, the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange issued Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs) on the following share price indices: TA BlueTech-50 index, TA Technology index, Biomed index, TA Oil and Gas index, and TA Communications index.

Thailand Futures Exchange launches silver futures

On 20 June 2011, the Thailand Futures Exchange began trading silver futures and extended the gold and silver futures trading until 22:30, enabling investors to manage risks.

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