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WFE Focus April 2011

ISE launches two indices and ETNs

The International Securities Exchange launched two new indexes, the ISE Oil Futures Spread index and the ISE Natural Gas Futures Spread index. They track continuous exposure to oil futures prices and natural gas futures prices, respectively, using packaged calendar spread strategies. In addition, ISE has partnered with UBS to launch two exchange-traded notes (ETNs) linked to these indexes.

ISE launches cloud computing index fund

The International Securities Exchange announced that First Trust Advisors has launched the First Trust ISE Cloud Computing Index Fund, the first ETF that tracks companies actively involved in the emerging cloud computing industry. The First Trust ISE Cloud Computing Index Fund is based on the ISE Cloud Computing Index, a new benchmark for this growth sector that includes companies that are direct service providers for the “cloud,” firms that provide goods and services in support of the cloud computing space, and technology conglomerates whose business model uses or supports cloud computing technology.

Istanbul Stock Exchange starts calculating dividend indices

The Istanbul Stock Exchange started calculating the ISE Dividend Index and the ISE Dividend 25 Index on 1 July 2011. The ISE Dividend Index is constituted of companies having made profits in the last three annual financial statements, distributed cash dividends for such periods, and made profits in the 12-month period preceding the date of the last financial statement. The ISE Dividend 25 index is composed of 25 companies with highest free float market capitalization selected among the companies ranking in the first 2/3 level of the ISE Dividend index constituents having the highest dividend yield as of the review date.

RTS Stock Exchange and Moscow School of Management to establish sustainability index

RTS Stock Exchange and the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO have started working on a joint project for establishing and calculating the first Russian sustainability index. It will include shares of Russian issuers traded on RTS stock market and selected on the basis of regularly published corporate and social responsibility reports.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange launches sector indices

On 15 June 2011, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, in cooperation with Shenzhen Securities Information, introduced the SZSE sector index series, including SZSE energy sector index, SZSE raw material sector index, SZSE industrial sector index, SZSE consumer discretionary sector index, SZSE consumer staples sector index, SZSE health care sector index, SZSE financial sector index, SZSE IT sector index, SZSE telecommunication services sector index, and SZSE utilities sector index.

Stock Exchange of Thailand launches dividend index

On 4 July 2011, the Stock Exchange of Thailand launched the SET High Dividend 30 index, consisting of 30 listed securities which have consistently paid high dividend. The new index is aimed to be used as a benchmark for investment and will serve as the basis of the issuance of other financial products.


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