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WFE Focus April 2011
Post trade

Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange implements delivery versus payment system

The Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange implemented a delivery versus payment system (DVP) on 28 April 2011. A series of workshops were held a few days before with representatives from listed brokerage firms and custodians to facilitate the settlement procedures and ensure the system works effectively and efficiently.

Clearstream and Euroclear Bank set higher standards for international securities

Clearstream and Euroclear Bank have developed jointly and in collaboration with the International Securities Market Advisory Group, a new industry framework to increase transparency and efficiency for the issuance and asset servicing of international securities. The framework sets standards for these securities issued in and primarily deposited with the ICSDs, with outstanding levels close to EUR 9 trillion. These standards are the result of a three-year program led under the auspices of ISMAG to identify and encourage best practices in issuance and asset servicing operations throughout the entire value chain.

London Stock Exchange Group’s Monte Titoli will launch new service for triparty collateral management

Monte Titoli is developing a new triparty collateral management service, called X-COM, to support the financing and investment strategies of market operators. Within the new service, Monte Titoli will play the role of neutral triparty agent, allowing customers to manage their assets more efficiently and in real time. X-COM, dedicated to Treasury departments and back offices, will provide a flexible set of tools for more effective risk and liquidity management and for the optimization in the use of collateral. Moreover, customers will benefit from automatic administration of collateral requests and a real time allocation, substitution and restitution of securities. X-COM is due to go live this autumn, subject to regulatory approval.

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