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WFE Focus April 2011
New services

Athens Stock Exchange launches new range of services for issuers

Following the implementation of the EU Shareholder Rights Directive which relates to General Meeting procedures, the Athens Exchange, in collaboration with Sodali, announced the provision of specialized services to all companies listed on the Athens Exchange. These new services are designed primarily to allow listed companies to gain a thorough understanding of investors, their decision making process and the issues they focus on at General shareholder meetings, to align shareholders’ expectations with decisions and strategies of management but also to assess their corporate governance models.

BM&FBOVESPA launches “In Good Company” program

On 14 April 2011, BM&FBOVESPA launched “Em Boa Companhia” (In Good Company – Sustainability Program with Firms). It seeks to deepen discussions about the everyday impact on companies of sustainability management and social investment.

BM&FBOVESPA promotes financial education for children

BM&FBOVESPA and Discovery Networks, a global leader in nonfiction media, entered into a partnership to promote and disseminate financial education concepts to children.

Bursa Malaysia implements day order

On 18 April 2011, Bursa Malaysia implemented validity-of-order throughout the day via Day Order, replacing the current Session Order. This change is made for increased efficiency and to meet market expectations. Currently, all orders entered into the trading system is valid for a single session only as all unmatched orders are cancelled by Bursa Malaysia immediately after the end of the morning session. Thereafter, brokers are required to re-key in their orders in the afternoon session when the market re-opens. With the implementation of Day Order, all unmatched orders from the morning session will be automatically carried forward to the afternoon session and shall be considered as valid for the whole trading day.

CME Group extends incentive program for new traders

CME Group will further support the development of new traders globally by expanding and renaming its Emerging Market Incentive Program. The New Trader Incentive Program replaced the Emerging Market Incentive Program on 1 May 2011 and is extended to 30 April 2012.

Deutsche Börse launches mobile version of MNI Monitor

Deutsche Börse Market Data & Analytics has launched a mobile-friendly version of MNI Monitor, giving market participants instant access to macroeconomic figures on their smartphones. MNI Monitor is a web-based application that delivers key economic indicators directly to subscribers immediately upon release.

Deutsche Börse launches information portal for sustainable securities

Deutsche Börse’s Xetra division, in cooperation with STOXX, has introduced an information portal for sustainable securities, as well as the launch of the STOXX Global ESG Leaders indices. The information portal will help investors to make their individual investment decisions according to standard sustainability criteria and to assess the sustainability of existing investments. The portal also enables companies to filter their activities in line with the ESG criteria: environmental, social and governance considerations.

Deutsche Börse adds corporate data to algo news feed

Deutsche Börse’s Market Data & Analytics added corporate news to its algorithmic news feed “AlphaFlash”. The new data package provides financial ad-hoc information for approximately 100 of the most liquid blue-chip, mid-cap and high-tech stocks listed in Germany. The system delivers financial data such as profit warnings, dividend announcements, earnings and bank’s capital ratios that are provided in ad-hoc disclosures.

Hong Kong Exchanges introduces synthetic futures trading on stock options

On 9 May 2011, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing introduced a standard combination trading function in its stock options market to allow investors to use synthetic futures strategies in the trading of five active stock option classes. A synthetic futures strategy is a stock option combination which consists of two legs. The buyer in a synthetic futures transaction buys a call option and sells a put option with the same underlying stock, strike price and expiry date, whereas the seller in the transaction sells a call option and buys a put option with the same features.

IntercontinentalExchange partners with Brazilian associates to launch BRIX

IntercontinentalExchange partnered with various Brazilian associates to launch BRIX, a Brazilian marketplace for electric power, scheduled to go live in June 2011. ICE has developed this trading platform for the Brazilian marketplace.

Johannesburg Stock Exchange to offer co-location services

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange plans to offer co-location services to its members and their clients seeking to shave milliseconds off execution speeds. In the coming months, the Exchange will define the offering with market users, cherry-picking elements from international models. The new service will be made possible by the JSE’s implementation of MillenniumIT’s trading software, Millennium Exchange, and the associated relocation of its equity market trading engine from London to Johannesburg in the first half of 2012.

Montréal Exchange launches retail investor portal

On 15 April 2011, the Montréal Exchange launched a new video portal, M-X.TV. It provides on-line derivatives educational tools for retail investors with varying levels of knowledge ranging from beginner to advanced. Three channels feature different learning vehicles including past options day seminars, webinars at all levels, and video briefs with accompanying presentation materials.

NASDAQ OMX and Xignite launch new service

NASDAQ OMX and Xignite, the services provider of on-demand data distribution technologies, have launched Mass Download, a major expansion to NASDAQ Data-On-Demand, NASDAQ’s cloud service for historical stock trade and quote data powered by Xignite’s technology platform. Mass Download delivers highly customized data sets from the terabytes of stock trade and quote data generated every year by major US stock exchanges.

NYSE Euronext introduces initiatives to improve investor education

NYSE Euronext has recently taken various initiatives in the context of its financial literacy week, including the launch of an important new tool to help employers advance the financial capabilities of their employees, the introduction of a new Corporate Financial Capability Leadership Council that seeks to better coordinate the many strong efforts of companies working on financial empowerment issues in their communities, the establishment of a new teacher training scholarship program to increase the skills of teachers seeking to bring financial capability to under-resourced schools.

Palestine Exchange launches information package on its website

The Palestine Exchange posted on its website an inclusive package of information on current and historical corporate actions of listed companies. The package includes ISIN number of listed company, dividend distribution, increase or decrease of capital, IPOs, statistics, off-floor transactions as well as other information of interest to investors and researchers.

Singapore Exchange offers co-location service

On 18 April 2011, the Singapore Exchange launched SGX co-location service, offering a fastest connection to its markets. SGX data center, which officially opened on 11 April 2011, serves as the launch pad for SGX co-location. By locating their systems at SGX data center with SGX’s trading, market data and clearing engines, co-location customers will experience connectivity speeds of at least 250 times faster than conventional access methods in Singapore.

Stock Exchange of Thailand promotes brokerage firms’ range of services

The Stock Exchange of Thailand and 26 brokerages are launching the “Broker Wealth Services” campaign to encourage existing and new investors to use brokerages’ full range of services. The campaign will help expand investment coverage and support brokerages in offering more business lines by promoting the firms’ images via media and activities throughout the year.

Stock Exchange of Thailand launches program for on-line investors

The Stock Exchange of Thailand and seven leading securities companies are jointly offering the “Financial Freedom Academy Project” on-line program to fit to the lifestyle of the new generation who prefer learning and investing on-line. The program is targeted to bring in at least 52 000 new securities trading accounts which will help increase the total value of on-line trades to 30% of all trades within 2011.

Thailand Futures Exchange launches “Jump for Futures”

The Thailand Futures Exchange introduced the “Jump for Futures” campaign to attract new investors through promoting TFEX’s longer trading hours. The campaign will run until end-November 2011, providing training and other educational programs. It will have two main objectives: the first goal is to disseminate product information and give suggestions on investment techniques and strategies, through two seminar programs; the second objective is to attract new investors.

TMX Group launches TSX InfoSuite

TMX Group and QuoteMedia, announced the launch of TSX InfoSuite, a new market data and shareholder solution powered by QuoteMedia. It will enhance the suite of services for Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange listed companies and offer a wide range of functionality and information to fulfill the ongoing information needs of listed companies. TSX InfoSuite provides stock quotes and key company information, level 2 data, shareholder information, and proprietary sector data.

Tokyo Stock Exchange promotes J-REIT investment by foreign investors

The Tokyo Stock Exchange Group and the Association for Real Estate Securitization announced that J-REIT Flash, a service providing English investment information on J-REITs, was launched as part of the information services of Thomson Reuters to promote investment in J-REITs by foreign investors. J-REIT Flash was also launched on Bloomberg in October 2010. It provides same-day English summaries of major Japanese language press releases of all listed J-REITs.

Tokyo Stock Exchange disseminates real-time net asset value

On 11 April 2011, the Tokyo Stock Exchange began calculating and publishing real-time indicative net asset value (Indicative NAV) per share for ETFs.

Wiener Börse introduces market data services

Wiener Börse has introduced the “Last Trade Product” for real-time end users for cash market data. It contains post-trade data, defined as trade information with prices and sizes. As a response to the current discussions about the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), most European exchanges have committed themselves to supply post-trade from pre-trade data, and make post-trade data available separately at a reasonable cost. This joint effort will lower the costs of consolidated post-trade data and will improve the availability of consolidated data to investors. Furthermore, Wiener Börse plans to adopt on its ADH data feed the trade reporting standards initiated by an industry working group under ESMA to restore post-trade transparency in the European equity markets and to ensure consistent output across multiple data consolidators.

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