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WFE Focus April 2011
New products

BM&FBOVESPA launches financial index ETF

On 7 April 2011, BM&FBOVESPA in cooperation with Itaú Unibanco, started trading the IFNC ETF, a fund that tracks the BM&FBOVESPA Financial Index. Named IT Now, the new ETF reflects a portfolio of shares in the most representative companies in the financial intermediation, diverse financial services and pensions and insurance sectors.

CBOE Futures Exchange launches futures on real estate indexes

The CBOE Futures Exchange plans to begin offering futures contracts on several Radar Logic 28-Day Real Estate indexes, daily spot market equivalents for housing asset valuations covering major US metropolitan centers, pending regulatory approval. The Exchange has completed a licensing agreement with Radar Logic, a real estate data and analytics company that calculates RPX indexes on US metropolitan centers, geographical regions and the broader US housing market.

CME Group launches new industrial steel futures and new weekly grain options contracts

The three new industrial steel futures contracts launched by CME on 18 April 2011 are based on Platts’ physical price assessments, including scrap, billet and hot-rolled coil. Platts is a leading global energy, metals and petrochemicals information provider and a top publisher of global benchmark reference prices. In addition, CME will launch weekly grain options on corn, wheat and soybeans futures to begin trading 23 May 2011.

CME Group introduces sovereign yield spread futures

On 23 May 2011, the CME Group will introduce cash-settled sovereign yield spread futures. The six countries represented in the initial launch phase include France (OAT), Germany (Bund), Italy (BTP), Netherlands (DSL), UK (Treasury Gilts), and US (Treasury Notes). These products are listed by and subject to the rules of CME, and further diversifies CME Group’s interest rates product portfolio.

Eurex expands equity options offering by covering Irish equities

On 26 April 2011, Eurex launched new equity options based on 11 of the most liquid Irish stocks. With this launch, Eurex offers for the first time Irish equity options with home market settlement. The new equity options will be physically settled in the CREST system of Euroclear UK & Ireland.

IntercontinentalExchange launches cleared natural gas products

On 16 May 2011, IntercontinentalExchange introduced 19 cleared OTC North American natural gas contracts. With these additional products, ICE will offer more than 420 cleared OTC energy contracts, including more than 325 new cleared OTC contracts.

Korea Exchange lists KOSPI 100-based ETF

On 3 May 2011, the Korea Exchange listed Kyobo Axa Power K100 ETF which tracks the KOSPI 100 index. The ETF will be the first ETF based on the KOSPI 100 index that is composed of the top 100 stocks in terms of market capitalization in the KOSPI market.

Singapore Exchange derivatives market adds rubber futures

On 16 May 2011, the Singapore Exchange derivatives market added rubber futures to its commodities suite with the migration of SICOM rubber contracts onto the SGX trading platform. The addition of these futures will enable more international traders to participate in the contracts, thereby enhancing liquidity.

Thailand Futures Exchange launches silver futures and extends gold and silver futures trading

On 20 June 2011, the Thailand Futures Exchange will begin trading silver futures and extend gold and silver futures trading until 22:30. On the same day, TFEX will extend trading hours for gold and silver futures, starting from 19:30-22:.30, to match those of the New York market for precious metals.

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