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WFE Focus February 2011

BM&FBOVESPA launches its first profitability index for real estate sector
BM&FBOVESPA and the GetĂșlio Vargas Foundation have launched the first profitability index for the Brazilian real estate sector. The general index for the real estate market, called IGMI-C, was developed by the Brazilian Institute of Economics with the sponsorship and support of 26 bodies representing companies in the financial and real estate sectors and pension funds.

NASDAQ OMX introduces indexes for Swedish credit bond market
NASDAQ OMX introduced a new index series, the NASDAQ OMX Credit SEK Index, designed to provide exposure to a portfolio of corporate and municipality investment-grade bonds denominated in Swedish Krona (SEK). Calculation of the indexes and index analytical values are based on daily end-of-day market mid valuations.

SIX Swiss Exchange changes index rules
The SIX Swiss Exchange has decided to revise the rules governing the SMI and SPI index families as well as those for the SLI Swiss Leader index. The amendments take into account the changed market environment and ensure the acceptance and quality of the Swiss blue chip and benchmark indices. They will enter into force on 1 July 2011.

Tokyo Stock Exchange starts calculation of TSE Home Price Indices
The Tokyo Stock Exchange will begin a tentative calculation and publication of a new index series, the “TSE Home Price Indices” from 26 April 2011, which are designed to represent used condominium price trends in the Tokyo metro area. These indices are the first in Japan based on price change information of equivalent properties. This series is expected to stimulate the property investment market, including that for J-REITs. In addition, this will make it possible to compare price trends in Japanese and foreign used condominiums.

Tokyo Stock Exchange launches high-speed index service
On 28 February 2011, the Tokyo Stock Exchange, in collaboration with Hitachi, launched a new high-speed index service. In addition to the current service in which the TOPIX and other price indexes are disseminated every second, the indexes in the new service will be calculated with each change in the price of a constituent stock and disseminated on the millisecond level. The new service will feature new “best quote indexes” which are calculated based on the best quotes for each individual index constituent.

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