Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange

Tel. : 86 371 6561 0656
Fax : 86 371 6561 3068


Chairman of the Board : Mr. Fan Zhang
Vice President : Mr. Xiaoli Guo


Types of Securities Traded

Name of Trading Systems

(cash and derivatives)

Trading Hours

Agricultural Commodity Futures,

Industrial Commodity Futures (Include Chemical & Industrial Commodity Futures and Construction Material Commodity Futures)

The 4th Generation Trading System of ZCE


Monday-Friday 9 :00-11 :30

                        13 :30-15 :00

(Pre-market bidding during 8 :55-9 :00)











Supervisory Body

China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC)


Name of Clearing & Settlement Organization

ZCE Clearing Department


Settlement Cycle

Daily Settlement (T+0)


Name of Central Securities Depository



Commissions on Transactions levied by Exchange

Varies depending upon market condition.


Taxes on Dividends, Interests

Not applicable for dividends, no tax charged for interests on Margin Deposits set aside by members with the Exchange.


2013 Share ownership thresholds (%)



Short selling (Yes / No)



Short selling conditions (if any)


1st January
2nd January
3rd January
11th February
12th February
13th February
14th February
15th February
4th April
5th April
29th April
30th April
1st May
10th June
11th June
12th June
19th September
20th September
1st October
2nd October
3rd October
4th October
7th October
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