Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul)

Tel. : +966 11 218 9152
Fax : +966 11 218 9155

Representatives :

Chairman : Mr. Khalid I. Alrabiah  
Chief Executive Officer : Mr. Adel Saleh  Al-Ghamdi



Types of Securities Traded

Name of Trading Systems

(cash and derivatives)

Trading Hours


Equities (ordinary shares)


Sukuk & Bonds



SAXESS (Trading)

TARGIN (Information Dissemination)

Equator (Clearing & Settlement)


Continuos trading:

-     Equities and ETFs,  from 11 :00 am to 03 :30 pm .

-     Sukuk and Bonds: From 11 :30 am to 03 :00 pm

* Sundays through Thursday except official holidays



Supervisory Body

The Capital Market Authority

Name of Clearing & Settlement Organization

Securities Depository Centre - Tadawul

Settlement Cycle

Equiries : T + 0

ETFs : T + 0

Sukuk & Bonds : T + 2

Name of Central Securities Depository

Securities Depository Centre - Tadawul

Commissions on Transactions levied by Exchange

Equities: 0.00018 - on trades only. There is no charge on order submission, change or cancellation.

Sukuk & Bonds: The maximum commission brokers will collect for trading Sukuk/Bond in the market is (0.001) of the executed trade value (sakk/bond percentage price*nominal amount).

 The minimum commission will be 500 S.R

Taxes on Dividends, Interests

Non-resident foreigners are subjected to 5% withholding tax on dividends.


2013 Share ownership thresholds (%)


Non-resident foreigners can’t directly own equities and Sukuk & Bond.

Non-resident foreigners can directly own ETFs with no restriction on ownership threshold.


Short selling (Yes / No)


Short selling conditions (if any)


27th July
28th July
29th July
30th July
31st July
23rd August
1st October
2nd October
3rd October
4th October
5th October
6th October
7th October
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