Moscow Exchange

Tel. : 7 495 363 3232
Fax : 7 495 705 9622

Representatives :

Chairman & CEO : Mr. Alexander Afanasiev
Managing Director, Head of Strategy : Mr. Anton Govor


Types of Securities Traded

Name of Trading Systems

(cash and derivatives)

Trading Hours



Investment funds’ shares


Government bonds


Corporate and municipal bonds


Equity Derivatives


Index derivatives


Commodity derivatives








Moscow time (GMT+3)


10.15-10.30 - Main trading mode (pre-trading period)

10.30-18.45 - Main trading mode (trading session)

18.45-18.50 - Main trading mode (post-trading period)

10.00-18.00 - Negotiated deals mode (settlement code: Z0)

10.00-19.00 - Negotiated deals mode (settlement codes: T0, B0-B30)

10.00-19.00 - REPOs (settlement codes: R00-R90)

10.00-18.00 - Equity REPOs (settlement code: Z0)

10.00-19.00 - Equity REPOs (settlement codes: Rb, S0, S01, S02)

10.00-18.00 - Bond REPOs (settlement code: Z0)

10.00-19.00 - Bond REPOs (settlement codes: Rb, S0, S01, S02)

16.00-19.00 - Incomplete lots



Supervisory Body

Federal Service for Financial Markets – for stock market

Central Bank – for currency and derivatives markets

Ministry for the Antimonopoly Policy – for derivatives and commodities markets


Name of Clearing & Settlement Organization

National Clearing Center – FX clearing

MICEX Settlement House – cash settlement

National Depository Center – securities settlement


Settlement Cycle

T+0 – stock market

T+n – FX market, stock market (starting 2010)


Name of Central Securities Depository

National Depository Center


Commissions on Transactions levied by Exchange

Taxes on Dividends, Interests

Dividends: 9% - residents, 15% - non-resident legal bodies, 30% - non-resident individuals


2009 Share ownership thresholds (%)


The Central Bank of Russian Federation


"UniCredit Bank"


"Bank for Development and Foreign Trade (Vnesheconombank)”


VTB Bank (public corporation)


Joint-Stock Commercial Savings Bank of the Russian Federation (Sberbank) (public corporation)


Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "ROSBANK" (public corporation)


Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "CentroCredit" (closed joint-stock company)


International Bank for Economic Co-operation


“Industrial Commercial AVTOVAZBANK" (public corporation)


Bank "Saint Petersburg" (public corporation)


"Gazprombank" (public corporation)





Short selling (Yes / No)



Short selling conditions (if any)


1st January
2nd January
3rd January
4th January
7th January
8th March
1st May
2nd May
3rd May
9th May
10th May
12th June
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