Malta Stock Exchange  
Tel : 356 2569 6309
Fax : 356 2569 6316



Chairman : Dr Arthur Galea Salomone

Chief Executive Officer : Ms. Eileen V. Muscat


Types of Securities Traded Name of Trading Systems (cash and derivatives) Trading Hours
Close Ended Investment Schemes
MATS - Malta Automated Trading System 9:30 - 12:00


Supervisory Body

Malta Financial Services Authority

Name of Clearing & Settlement Organization

Malta Stock Exchange

Settlement Cycle

T + 3

Name of Central Securities Depository

Malta Stock Exchange

Commissions on Transactions levied by Exchange

Transcation Charge on all MTL denominated securities - MTL 2.00
Transcation Charge on all USD denominated securities - USD 4.00
Transcation Charge on all EUR denominated securities - EUR 5.00

Taxes on Dividends, Interests

Company Tax of 35% (max) is charged on Dividends paid by companies. Dividends received by
investors are treated as ordinary income and tax deducted at source is deemed as a credit tax payment.
Tax on Fixed Income Securities is subject to either 15% Final Withholding Tax or interest received by
investor is treated as ordinary income and subject to tax on ordinary income (max 35%).
Non-Residents are not subject to Final Witholding Tax.
For residents Tax on ordinary income varies between 0% and 35%.

2007 Share ownership thresholds (%)


Short selling (Yes / No)


Short selling conditions (if any) 


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