Ljubljana Stock Exchange (CEE Stock Exchange Group)

Tel : 386.1 471 0211
Fax : 386.1 471 0213



President of the Management Board : Mr. Andrej Sketa

Member of the Management Board : Ms. Polona Peterle, MSc


Types of Securities Traded Name of Trading Systems (cash and derivatives) Trading Hours
Bonds (Government, Bank, Corporate) Simplified remote access, liquidity providing, etc.

Regular trading on Xetra : 9.30-13.00

Shares   Block trading : 8:00 - 13:00
Close-end funds    
Open-end funds    

Treasury bills



Supervisory Body

ATVP (Securities Market Agency)

Name of Clearing & Settlement Organization

KDD (Central Securities Clearing Corporation)

Settlement Cycle

Regular trading on Xetra : T+2
Block trading on Xetra : from T + 0 to T + 3

Name of Central Securities Depository

KDD (Central Securities Clearing Corporation)

Commissions on Transactions levied by Exchange

Shares and certificates 0.03% -  0.08% (depending on the group for the payment of the minimum monthly fee) 
Bonds 0.03%

Short-term Securites 0.002%

Open-end Funds 0.015%-0.04% (depending on the group for the payment of the minimum monthly fee)
The maximum buyer as well as seller fees for a single trade is EUR 100.

Taxes on Dividends, Interests


  • dividends and interest rates: 20% witholding tax
  • capital gain: 20% witholding tax;
    • 15% if security is held more than 5 years,
    • 10% if held more than 10 years,
    • 5% if held more than 15 years
    • 0% if held more than 20 years


  • taxable as other revenues: 20%
  • no witholding tax

2011 Share ownership thresholds (%)


The thresholds of major holdings*

  • The thresholds of major holdings: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 percent, 1/3, 50 or 75 percent of total voting rights in this company;
  • A shareholder must inform a company and a company must publish the information on change in major holdings.


  • Takeover threshold: 25% share of voting rights;
  • Takeover bid shall be made by the offeror achieving the takeover threshold;
  • Additional takeover threshold: a renewed takeover bid shall be made by the offeror after having acquired a 10 % share of voting rights after the completed successful takeover bid procedure;
  • Final takeover threshold: the obligation of making a renewed takeover bid shall cease when the offeror with a successful takeover bid acquires at least 75% of the offeree company’s all voting shares.

*Valid for a company (in case of takeover also referred as “offeree company”):

  • whose voting shares are admitted to trading on the regulated market; 
  • whose shares are not traded on the regulated market and has at least 250 shareholders or equity capital of not less than EUR 4.000.000.


Short selling (Yes / No)



Short selling conditions (if any)

Only possible in the timeframe required for settlement (T+2)

1st January
8th February
29th March
1st April
1st May
2nd May
25th June
15th August
31st October
1st November
24th December
25th December
26th December
31st December
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