Deutsche Börse AG  
Tel : 49 69 2111-0
Fax : 49 69 2111-1021



Chief Executive Officer : Dr. Reto Francioni

Chairman of the Supervisory Board : Dr. Joachim Faber


Types of Securities Traded Name of Trading Systems (cash and derivatives) Trading Hours
Shares Xontro (Floor Trading) Xontro : 9:00 - 20:30
Bonds Xetra (Screen-based) Xetra : 9:00 - 17:30
Warrants and certificates    
Exchange Traded Funds    


Supervisory Body

State Exchange Supervisory Authority, Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), Trading Surveillance Office (body of Exchange)

Name of Clearing & Settlement Organization

Eurex Clearing and Clearstream International SA

Settlement Cycle

T + 2

Name of Central Securities Depository

Clearstream International SA

Commissions on Transactions levied by Exchange

For detailed information on levied fees please see:

Taxes on Dividends, Interests

The German Government changed capital income tax regulation since 1 January 2009 according to which “income from capital assets is subject to a flat withholding tax rate of 25%”.

To find more detailed official information with regard to capital income taxation, please refer to the attached link:



2010 Share ownership thresholds (%)


Short selling (Yes / No)

Naked short selling was prohibited by the German government in 2010. For the press release of BaFin please see:

Short selling conditions (if any)

1st January
29th March
1st April
1st May
24th December
25th December
26th December
31st December
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