NASDAQ OMX Defense of International Markets and Exchanges Symposium

NASDAQ OMX will host the inaugural Defense of International Markets and Exchanges Symposium (DIMES) in New York City April 7–8, 2014.

DIMES is an exclusive forum for the international market and exchange community to gather and discuss the latest cyber security developments and threats within the industry. Featuring a key note by threat intelligence expert Kevin Mandia, as well as a panel presentation by industry leaders Phil Venables, Mark Clancy, and John Watters, DIMES will foster collaboration among security executives in the exchange space and will enable attendees to build robust Information Security programs. For more information, please see our informational microsite:

Immediately following the Symposium will be the inaugural in-person meeting of GLEX: The WFE’s Global Exchanges Cyber Security Working Group hosted by Jerry Perullo, Vice-Chair of GLEX, and Deputy CISO of ICE.

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Event date: 
7th April to 8th April
Location:  NASDAQ OMX